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Chinese Delegation Meets ICCCI

A big business delegation of nearly 40 industry / business leaders from Gansu province of China visited India from 7 Sept to 12 Sept 2015. After having wide ranging talks with the central Govt officials in New Delhi, the delegation led by the Governor of Gansu province arrived in India's Financial Capital Mumbai on 11th September 2015.

A large number of ICCCI members were invited to interact & match make with the Chinese delegation. Governor of Gansu explained the business opportunities in Gansu & thanked all officials of ICCCI & Indian businessmen. The match making session was most successful as at least 22 industry leaders from China exhibited their products & Indian businessmen responded by showcasing their own business potential.

This initiative of ICCCI received comprehensive coverage in the leading Indian newspapers.

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Editorial Note

It is once again our pleasure to present to you the fresh edition of our News Bulletin.During the interregnum many important events have taken place. India China trade story is firmly in place and unfolding with tremendous speed in many dimensions.

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