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The course is conducted at 3 levels:

Level-1(Elementary, Basic Mandarin) will be completed in 45 contact hours. The objective of the course is to enable you to communicate (listen, speak, read, write) accurately and appropriately in simple Chinese for common everyday purposes such as greeting, introducing friends and relatives, identifying people or objects, asking for one's personal information (including name, occupation, nationality, address, phone number), expressing gratitude to someone, sending someone your regard, making a reply to a complimentary remark, talking about your family, your school and your studies, looking for someone, seeing a guest off, asking the time, making an appointment, making an invitation, making a suggestion, asking for someone's opinion, buying something and offering congratulations. We also aim to lay a good foundation for you to further your studies of the Chinese language at intermediate level by helping you.

a) To master the Chinese phonetic system so as to be able to speak Chinese with correct pronunciation and intonation.
b) To understand the basic of Chinese Grammer.
c) To be aware of some of aspects of Chinese Culture imbedded in the Chinese Language.
d) To know the structures of Chinese characters so that you are able to recognize and write approximately 200 Chinese Characters.

Level II-(60 hours) You will continue to acquire the four basic language skills. Based on what you learned in level 1, Level 2 will continue to help you to acquire the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), so that you can communicate accurately and appropriately in simple Chinese for everyday purposes such as buying something, serving a customer, making an invitation, making an appointment, offering congratulations, asking for ones age, asking for opinion from others, presenting a gift, asking the way, making a telephone call, refusing politely, shopping, entertaining a guest, asking for information, complimenting, exchanging amenities, making a plan, asking for permission, welcoming a guest, waiting for someone, proposing a toast, confirming something, talking about ball games, seeing someone off, traveling, and buying tickets.

Level III-(60 hours) This is the continuation of learning so far. Students will acquire good knowledge of basic Chinese grammar concept & will be able to express, explain & describe facts, emotions, ideas and situations with appropriate vocabulary, sentence pattern & grammar. They will be able to participate in casual conversation with native speakers & will be able to write short essays on subjects related to daily life. They will be prepared to study in China.

Teaching Sessions: Classes will be held on Saturdays or Sundays. There will be one teaching session of 2 or 3 hours in a week. However if the group of students in a class agree and if it is administratively possible, there can be more than one session in a week. Even on the weekdays classes can be organized.

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