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India China to hold Border Talks
The Eighteenth Indo China Special representative talks on the boundary dispute?first for the Narendra Modi government? in Delhi focused on bringing clarity on the Line of Actual Control ( LAC) and explore a hotline at the level of National Security Advisers. NSA and Special representative for the border talks Ajit Doval met his Chinese counterpart and State Councilor Yang Jiechi to bring about some clarity on the 4,057 Lm LAC as announced by PM Narendra Modi during President Xi Jinping?s trip here last September. Official sources said while Confidence Building Measures including Border Defence Cooperation Agreement and Joint Secretary level mechanism have worked well to prevent transgressions by each other?s troopers along LAC from flaring up, clarification of LAC could enable to prevent major transgressions like the one in 2013 (ahead of Chinese premier?s visit) as well as in last September (during Xi?s visit). Both incidents in the ladakh region have overshadowed the big visits. The last incident was resolved after simultaneous withdrawal by both sides after Xi?s visit.

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It is once again our pleasure to present to you the fresh edition of our News Bulletin.During the interregnum many important events have taken place. India China trade story is firmly in place and unfolding with tremendous speed in many dimensions.

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