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On the 65th Anniversary of India China Diplomatic Relations
Exactly six months after founding of the People's Republic of China,formal diplomatic ties were established between India and China.On 1st of April 1950,India became the first nonsocialist bloc country and the tenth in the world to recognize the People's Republic of China (PRC). India thus attached importance to the aspirations of the Chinese masses. This year India and China celebrate the 65th anniversary of that historic moment. As they say,A friend in need is a friend indeed,India extended a hand of friendship to China at an hour when the Western world was extremely apprehensive about the political ideology of New China.
The Western world with which China today aspires to be at par took two to three decades more to recognize Red China. India on the other hand was not just a cultural kin but was also active in promoting China?s global status. Indians like Rabindranath Tagore,Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose,Dwarkanath Kotnis and others wholeheartedly supported the cause of Chinese liberation. In the literary and cultural sphere too, a number of persons from both India and China enriched and enhanced the cross-cultural communication to pave the way for greater understanding, mutual appreciation,and peaceful development. And the basis of that peaceful development can only be possible on the basis of a long-lasting friendship and sustainable cooperation. APRIL 2015 It may be borne in mind that the Chinese expression Youyi meaning friendship comprises of two characters. The first character You is a stylized depiction of two clasping hands, meaning amity, and the second character Yi reflects befitting words that denote friendly sentiment.
Intimacy and affection conveyed through deeds and honoring the words uttered verbally manifest genuine friendship. As early as in October 1929,Subhas Chandra Bose urged the Indian students?both men and women to integrate with the oppressed working class towards achieving political and social liberation of India. He wanted the youth to emulate China by saying,Next door to us is China.Let us, therefore, take a leaf out of Chinese history. See what the students of China have done for their mother country. Can we not do the same for India China's dynamics towards rejuvenation inspired Subhas Bose. As the President of the Indian National Congress, he sent the Medical Mission to China in 1938; and subsequently sent ambulance, medicines, clothes and money for the war-ravaged China. During his visits to China in 1943-44, Bose had asserted that a unified and liberated China would be beneficial for India's freedom. He urged China is indispensable in building a new Asia. Without China's cooperation, none of the policies to the benefit of Asia can ever be achieved.

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It is once again our pleasure to present to you the fresh edition of our News Bulletin.During the interregnum many important events have taken place. India China trade story is firmly in place and unfolding with tremendous speed in many dimensions.

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